Sinking Sands

session #4

Day 10
-At the oasis, the PC’s caravan meet up with another caravan also heading south.
-It is discovered that either the new caravan is 30ish miles south of a major northern city which should be weeks away. This means that the PC’s caravan is WAY off course.
-During first watch, Zain is attack by a few undead which are identified as ancient servents to Tezereth Empire and are prompted by Elder Morris to immediately investigate.
-The undead are tracked back to and ancient tomb.
-The PC’s report their findings to the scholars before turning in for the night.

Day 11
-The caravan travel south to another oasis that is covered by a weird shaped sandstorm with a face.
-It is advised to travel through it instead of waiting it out to not have to deal with the prolonged effects of sandstorms.
-After traveling through the sandstorm, the PC’s and their caravan find themselves at a cliff overlooking the Seat of Tezereth.
-Elder Morris urges the caravan to enter with the promise of treasure and lost knowledge.
-the PC’s have noticed another caravan, the crusaders and the desert raiders close to entering the city as well.


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