Sinking Sands

session #3

Day 9 cont.
-Find some old water skins on a dead camel and attempt to collect some water from a nearby crevice.
—Find Shalad on a small plateau with his camels. Says Hussien and the temptress had passed a day earlier and bought all of his water and camels and water “for a fair price.”
-After some tracking, a small cave was found with bats in the initial room and winding tunnels further in.
-Toward the back of the cave, Hussien is found under a magical spell about to be sacrificed but some Lamashtu cultists. The temptress and the gold are no where to be found. When found it is discovered that Hussien could not remember anything of his actions since 2 days before they were in the previous town.
-Exit the back of the cave to find the scholars and guards struggling with a salt water enchantment.
-Zain negotiates a 1000gp raise to 1500gp on completion to each guard in the caravan of the expedition due the lack of gold of Hussien and due to threats to leave him behind.
-Caravan finds an oasis and sleeps.


aedavis1989 crillitor

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