Sinking Sands

session #4

Day 10
-At the oasis, the PC’s caravan meet up with another caravan also heading south.
-It is discovered that either the new caravan is 30ish miles south of a major northern city which should be weeks away. This means that the PC’s caravan is WAY off course.
-During first watch, Zain is attack by a few undead which are identified as ancient servents to Tezereth Empire and are prompted by Elder Morris to immediately investigate.
-The undead are tracked back to and ancient tomb.
-The PC’s report their findings to the scholars before turning in for the night.

Day 11
-The caravan travel south to another oasis that is covered by a weird shaped sandstorm with a face.
-It is advised to travel through it instead of waiting it out to not have to deal with the prolonged effects of sandstorms.
-After traveling through the sandstorm, the PC’s and their caravan find themselves at a cliff overlooking the Seat of Tezereth.
-Elder Morris urges the caravan to enter with the promise of treasure and lost knowledge.
-the PC’s have noticed another caravan, the crusaders and the desert raiders close to entering the city as well.

session #3

Day 9 cont.
-Find some old water skins on a dead camel and attempt to collect some water from a nearby crevice.
—Find Shalad on a small plateau with his camels. Says Hussien and the temptress had passed a day earlier and bought all of his water and camels and water “for a fair price.”
-After some tracking, a small cave was found with bats in the initial room and winding tunnels further in.
-Toward the back of the cave, Hussien is found under a magical spell about to be sacrificed but some Lamashtu cultists. The temptress and the gold are no where to be found. When found it is discovered that Hussien could not remember anything of his actions since 2 days before they were in the previous town.
-Exit the back of the cave to find the scholars and guards struggling with a salt water enchantment.
-Zain negotiates a 1000gp raise to 1500gp on completion to each guard in the caravan of the expedition due the lack of gold of Hussien and due to threats to leave him behind.
-Caravan finds an oasis and sleeps.

session #2

Day 7
-PCs and scholars rested up in the inn
-Hussien sold all the slaves, much of his wares
-Hussien notifies PCs that many of the guards had been fired and might come after their jobs
It is discovered that the crusaders are not trying to find a Pharasman alabaster dragon but instead a lost phoenix of Sarenrae
-Elder Morris loses a bet to Elder Tokran for a book worth 50,000gp
-crusaders arrive and settle outside of the settlement

Day 8
-Crusaders are now dispersed throughout settlement
-Hussien gives the go ahead to pack up the remainder of the caravan while packing up his own “ship-sized wagon”
-Hussien recruits a enchanting bar entertainer
-Orcs arrive and attack the crusaders in the city
-Crusaders recruit Mohamed and many of the remaining guards
-Shalad goes out on his own
-Arlan steals 3 camels in the stables on their way out
-PCs make it out of the city and meet up with Hussien and the scholars and 7 guards
-the caravan get caught/fascinated in a weird desert spell and lose much of the day
-When PCs come to, they find that Hussien and all of the treasure is gone
-It is assumed that Hussien has betrayed the caravan and has taken the treasure and run
-it is agreed that the PCs would track Hussien down the next day

Day 9
-PCs head out down river to find Hussien, leaving the scholars and the reamining guards to catch up later.

Sinking Sands

Quick recap of the adventure:
Day -1: Hired onto caravan
Day 0: Purchased supplies for the journey
Day 1: started out on the trade journey, Dispatched on errand to explore Bedouin encampment. Located Scholars and returned to caravan.
Day 2: Heard large screeching sound in morning. Saw lare flock of something flying though air. Rescued guard who fell into hole and fought giant beetle and four smaller beetles.
Day 3: Day of rest for party in chuck wagon
Day 4: Sandstorm encountered Sadit tribe
Day 5: Explored wagon by side of path, Wagon contained skeletons and a great deal of traps. Arrived at village called “Hallal”
Day 6: At village resting before we head out into the wilderness again.

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